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Dive Into the New Age of Risk Management

Our Services

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) as a Service

JibChain automatically monitors the health of your supply chain. Monitoring in real-time will notify you of potential vulnerabilities and give you the chance to apply preemptive strategies to limit the impact of supply chain disruptions. 

A reliable supply chain is essential for business continuity and shareholder value. JibChain's sustainable solutions to prevent supply chain interruptions and minimize business loss.

Software Supply Chain Risk Management

Orchestrates your software supply chain and risk assessments into one ecosystem view. Ask about our Software Supply Chain Solutions including our Software Bill of Material (SBOM) as a Service, Open-Source Audits and comprehensive Software Risk Scorecards.- Powered by SettleTop

Supply Chain Risk Index-SCRI

A risk review provides a baseline understanding of your exposure and quantifies the risk. This overview will inform you about industry specific risks and risks that are relevant to your business and industry. JibChain SCRI include assessments of all global industries, cyber/supply chain software risk, assessments of supplier's impact, analyses regarding potential impact, and a risk management index value score to rapidly identify harm and apply critical decision for business continuity.

Risk Consultancy and Education

Provide SCRM/C–SCRM training to academia, government agencies, and commercial businesses. To establish the foundation for risk management, it is important to educate the organization about the culture and expectations of all stakeholders. This will ensure that risk management is an integral part of every aspect of the business.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

JibChain reduces the time and effort involved in remediations, lookbacks, and risk assessments. It quickly identifies risk and streamlines the process to clear alerts.

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