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The New Standard
in Supply Chain & Software Supply Chain Risk Management

Blending Human Intelligence with Innovative Technology to Deliver Impactful Results. 

Designing the Right Risk Management Framework is the Bedrock to Success

Risk Architecture and Strategy are managed within the RMF process providing a high level of awareness and readiness in a organization risk posture.

Cyber Security 

Investment in a robust cyber security culture, enhanced awareness and security controls, and compliance with mandatory laws, regulations and industry standards.

Policy and Compliance 

Ensuring organization meet local, state, and national mandate. Aligning corporate policies with regulatory guidance for enhance business continuity.

Supply Chain Security 

Implementation of barriers and actions to defend against supply chain disruptions and attacks.

Risk Consultancy 

End-to-end risk management service providing dedicated oversight and assurance for our clients.

Unprecedented Resilience. Impeccable Readiness.

Develop a comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy. 

Conduct thorough risk assessments of your critical supply chain areas, while monitoring and mitigating 3rd party to Nth party vendor ("vendor of vendors") risks.

​​Understand and verify if supplier base is secure and certified. 

Know in real-time of key issues (e.g., foreign influence, financial health, human capital, cybersecurity, compliance, SBOM) via a common knowledge base.

Monitor and manage your SCRM with our trusted data vault.  

Align IT with your business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting all compliance requirements across all your stakeholders.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Risk Management Program?

Manage and track all third party vendors, enable data driven decisions and improve chain of custody with real-time, accurate, and verified information. Monitor and control data via JibChain's trusted SCRM data vault and provide actionable recommendations based on the best of human + machine collaboration:

  • SCRM subject matter expert expertise

  • Stakeholder input

  • AI-based SCRM vendor tool

  • Real-time, accurate data. 

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