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Uncover Vendor Risk in Your Supply Chain 

Ask about our SCRM as a Service
"Take the noise out of the data"
"77% have limited visibility around their third-party vendors"
- Bluevoyant
"31% of 3rd party risks resulted in a material impact"
- Gartner
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3rd Party Vendor Risk
4th Party Vendor Risk
Nth Party Vendor Risk
Financial Health
Foreign Influence
Human Capital
Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Assessment and Monitoring Solutions

Develop a comprehensive third party risk management strategy - conduct thorough risk assessments of your critical supply chain areas, while monitoring and mitigating 3rd party to Nth party vendor ("vendor of vendors") risks.

RiskAlly -
3rd & Nth Party Vendor Risk & Certification Platform

Understand and verify if your 3rd, 4th, and Nth party vendors are secure and certified; Know in real-time of key issues (e.g., foreign influence, financial health, human capital, cybersecurity, compliance, SBOM) via a common knowledge base.

JibVault -
Trusted and Secure SCRM Data Vault

Monitor and manage your SCRM with our trusted data vault - align IT with your business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting all compliance requirements across all your stakeholders.

Who are we

How 'SCRM as a Service' works

The best in human + machine collaboration

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Monitor and Manage your SCRM

Manage and track all third party vendors, enable data driven decisions and improve chain of custody with real-time, accurate, and verified information. Monitor and control data via JibChain's trusted SCRM data vault and provide actionable recommendations based on the best of human + machine collaboration -  1) SCRM subject matter expert expertise, 2) stakeholder input, 3) AI-based SCRM vendor tool and 4) real-time, accurate data. 

Design and Assess your SCRM

Design a proper supply chain risk management and audit program. Understand and assess the critical vendors within your supply chain - manage and source all products and vendors, while navigating all regulatory and compliance requirements. Select, implement, and assess controls.

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How it works
Cambridge Meridian Group

"JibChain are real SCRM experts  - they combine the best of technology with subject matter experts, delivering true results"


Advisory Board

Judy Luff


JibChain, Inc.

Gary Connor

Brigadier General, United States Air Force (Retired)

Sunny Ahn

Managing Partner and Founder, 

SNL Partners

Mark Tate

Former Director Supply Chain Management Wing, US Air Force

Jim Trowhill

Former Partner,

Accenture Federal


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SNL Logo White.png
News & Events


12/12/2022 - JibChain to present at the DoD Weapon Systems Software Summit in December 2022 in Orlando 

2/1/2022 - JibChain to present at the BEYA Global Competitiveness Conference in Washington DC in February 2022.


1/30/2022 - JibChain to present SCRM and SBOM at the DoD Air & Space Weapons System Software Summit in May 2022 in Salt Lake City.

1/20/2022 - JibChain to provide SCRM education to US government officers at the Logistics Officer Association (LOA) Symposium in March 2022 in Salt Lake City.


12/3/2021 - JibChain announces a strategic partnership with American Marine and Technical Solutions focused on government SCRM programs.

11/4/2021 - JibChain wins US Air Force SBIR Phase 1 Contract on Supply Chain Risk Management.

9/10/2021 - JibChain announces strategic partnership with Alaska Northstar Resources (ANR) to focus on Air Force SCRM programs .

5/1/2021 - JibChain announces new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead its Supply Chain Risk Management company.

4/1/2021 - JibChain announces a world-class Board of Advisors to support the Company leadership, including Gary Connor, Brigadier General of the Missile Defense Agency, James Trowhill, former Partner at Accenture Federal, Adam Taylor, former COO at Parsons and Debra Irving, former Branch and Logistics Executive at the US Army. 

Past Events

JibChain has been a featured presenter at various industry SCRM conferences and events.  

Contact us to inquire about JibChain's participation at your event or training and certification services. 

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